Bella Italia... Bella Lucca

In november i visited the beautiful Tuscany area of Lucca to visit the great craftsmen who creates the B&S straps. Pure passion for leather and great life. Thats what you feel all around you.
As i wanted to see the production of the straps and talk about new products etc... i visited this great little  atelier near Lucca. It was so great to see the devotion and the family working on all the products. Every inch of that farmhouse workplace smelled, breathed and lived 'leather' and craft. All handmade.

But it's not only the people. When you cruise the area, visit the town and have dinner with them in a small and great restaurant with some great personal touch. You know where all the style and feeling comes from. Every building has patina, the people are warm. The love life, great food and nice stuff. 
Lucca was great and i can't wait to return with my family to absorb more of that great lifestyle.

See the patina... 

At the atelier the full process was shown to me. It takes like 45 minutes to create a strap. All handmade.  And every strap is individual worked on by Jean Paul.

If you want to find some of the straps for sale... please visit our website of Bulang & Sons

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