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Well after hunting Rolex sportswatches for some years now i am back to the beginning.

My first Rolex was a great Datejust and i have been wearing it with pleasure. Till i got my first Sub and the Datejust went to my wife, who still wears it every day. The last month or 2 i was often asking hre to let me wear the Datejust again. But no chance ;-)

Also i started to look at Day Dates again since Passion 2011. Wg of course ;-)

Well last week i decided to start here.... 36 mm with a sexy black dial.Love it!! And after seeing all those 41/42/44 monsters out there in the stores. I love the elegance of these watches.

 As i wrote before. I am off searching references and hunting grails by reference. Watches that are nice, special, have that emotional edge. My way forward.
And this one looks highly fashionable to me. More on that later....

And here is my first Rolex.... 

Some new images...

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