New boots.. Trickers in da house from Mr. Cool

Big thanks to Mr. Cool. NEW boots in da house (Rolex and fashion)

Last week i got a new pair of shoes.. well some real nice boots. Tricker's. Limited edition done by a great guy and friend from new York. In our small collectors community we call him Mr. Cool! Grahame Fowler. After a career in fashion all over the world Grahame started a new adventure in New York. Grahame Fowler Original. With his studio and shop in New York. 

The shoes are Trickers. Handmade in England...

About Grahame....

Utilizing fine fabrics from England, Italy, and Japan, while aligning the resources and craftsmen of New York City, Grahame has brought his knowledge of British youth culture, military clothing, and his passion for vintage Italian motor scooters to create what is now Grahame Fowler Original.
Grahame’s men’s clothing is produced on a limited edition basis, delivering a fresh point of view each season.

You can feel his influence of Teddy Boys and style tribes known as Mods and Rockers clash. At the same time, sounds of Ska, Bluebeat and Rocksteady music.

Grahame also collects vintage Italian scooters and watches. And watches with some special flavour. Often wearing them on nato and a lot of styling to it. He made some great stuff around the watches. And has a wide collection of nato straps.

A while ago i was in Paris for a couple of days. Les Marais. The fashion area. And i was surprised how many vintage watches on Nato where displays in the boutiques as part on fashion. But i will do an article on that later.

Here we go with some Grahame Fowler Style!...


Grahame is always on the hunt for some cool vintage and different stuff. Like these vintage Belstaff.
But also vintage flags, materials... always searching for new use. Creativity is the way forward. Always has been.

And you can feel his inspriartion. Look at Rambling on his website for more...

So i am really happy with my new boots. I was in love with them when i encountered them in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. ANd so happy Grahame was so kind to help me get some.

Thanks mate! Hope to see you soon again!

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